Metatronia Therapy®


Ranjot is a Master Metatronia Therapist and Registered Metatronia Therapy Workshop Faciliatator

He offers private healing sessions and Metatronia Therapy Attunements for individuals interested in practicing MT themselves. 

Metatronia Therapy

"Metatronia Therapy is the latest in Quantum, Electro-(Energy) medicine Healing and Ascension Alignment. The attunement received from Metatron, aligns you with the Divine light and conscious vibration of One. It aligns and heals the mind perceived as an individual mind, the ego mind and delivers the Ascension Codings to return the mind to the Divine Mind of One, of Source. It heals the ego mind, the separated mind, and alters the mind from perceiving the split mind matrix. Via the Frequencies, Energies, Vibrations and Light Codings of Metatron, through Metatronia Therapy, it offers one the opportunity of re-integrating the One Consciousness. When the mind is healed, you are your own best healer. When the mind is healed, Divine Grace and the path of forgiveness is emanated in your very presence and assists the healing and alignment of other-selves.  The unconscious becomes conscious." 

"Metatronia Therapy is not a new healing modality but an ancient sacred resonance that unites and connects us to the beautiful and divine One Source Vibration through connection with Archangel Metatron, which brings light of the highest order, unique codings and sacred geometric light frequencies.  It is applied through attunement, in person healing, distant healings and meditation techniques that all assist in bringing you closer to divine source resonance.   Your part in this is to be open to receive, to trust and believe and to begin to meet the energy half way by surrender and releasing that which no longer serves you."

-Tammy Majchrzak, Founder of Metatronia Therapy ( )


  • Transformation on many levels
  • The human vessel (body) is cleansed and rejuvenated  
  • Reduced pain / anti-inflammatory
  • Healing of Physical, Emotional, Mental, Spiritual, Light/celestial body
  • Healing and expansion of the auric field/lightbody/light vortices (Chakras)
  • DNA / RNA restructuring / rejuvenation / Change at the cellular level
  • Energizing
  • Awareness & Healing of Barriers / Blocks
  • Releasing of trauma / negative behavior / lifting frequency
  • Soul Connection/Light embodiment
  • Vibrational Raising/Alignment
  • Realization of Inner Truth
  • Increased awareness of Oneness and Unity
  • Full Lightbody Awareness & Integration

"Metatronia Therapy assists with healing the heart, mind, body, muscles, tendons. The entire system (Human Vessel (body) is cleaned so that we can live in a “vessel " that works for at its most optimum level. By removing the doubt and fear, giving us the freedom to explore and move to where we truly need to be. To understand the real soul purpose of our earthly life.  

Metatron unites us. He already knows what it is we need to heal and come into alignment. Our life stories / history of this life and past lives are scanned and healing begins to take place on many levels and that which no longer serves us is removed.  The healing itself is painless, very soothing and very relaxing. Many who have already experienced it have said that they feel as if they have literally been brought back to life.  

Metatronia Therapy activates many elements within the Human vessel and lightbody and awakens dormant energy in the pineal gland, DNA/RNA restructuring and re-activation of the pineal gland. Heightened senses and re-integration within the whole human vessel (body) in such a way that it returns back to full unified state. 

This is healing at the cellular level. Working right into the core and allows us to operate more freely, to think more openly and feel at one with the universe and most importantly to connect with the deepest part of us, the real soul of our true essence.  Some feel the changes beginning almost immediately.  There will be a 30-day toxin cleansing and this may continue longer depending on the individual.

Are you ready for your divine awakening?"

-Tammy Majchrzak

Who is Archangel Metatron?


Archangel Metatron or the Energy of Metatron is Universal light energy of the highest order.  Metatron has brought this vibration now at this time to assist mankind in his light evolutionary process. He is here to assist us in many areas and aspects of our earthly, physical, corporeal life.

Archangel Metatron is often depicted as a human-like angelic form but can also be perceived as pure energy. ( After all, that's what everything is anyways. )  He is said to be the Angel of Life, guarding the Tree of Life. It is said in The Book of Life (otherwise known as the Akashic Records), that he records the good deeds people do on Earth, as well as in the heavens. Metatron is traditionally considered to have been a human on Earth before ascending to the heavens as an Angel. He is also said to have lived as the prophet Enoch. People sometimes ask for Metatron's help to discover their personal spiritual power and to learn how to make the world a better place.