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(Ranjot changed his name from Corey Knott to Ranjot Skywalker in late 2010. We also just recently evolved from Essential Balance Bodywork to Emerald Torus Healing. Some reviews reflect these old names.) ...We're BIG fans of change!


Min H.- 4/1/2018

Ranjot does an excellent job as a massage therapist. I have had the best massages as I've ever known for my body aches due to stress and depression. 
To someone who is familiar with and believing in energy healing, seeing Ranjot would be a great choice. Being mentally and physically drained most of the time, I found there has been huge reliefs after each session combining deep massage and energy work. 
Ranjot is a patient listener when I need to share. He also gives me his advices to improve the self meditation, self hypnosis. 
He recently works at Oakland office only a whole last week of the month. His booked list has been filled fairly quick. You should check his calendar and make the appointment early around first 2 weeks of the month if you don't want to wait for another month.


Christine G.- 1/19.2018

I started seeing Ranjot shortly after the death of my spouse.  I knew my body and spirit would need a new level of caring.  I'm not new to massage and have found a couple of therapist I really enjoyed working with but most have moved on.  I was, however, new to energy work.  

I can't say enough good things about Ranjot's work, the massage was top tier and worked my areas of concern with focus.  His intuitive treatment for my soul/spirit needs has been a key ingredient in my survival of this transition.  I look forward to continuing to work with him as I begin to thrive again physically and mentally.


Sparkle T.- 10/22/2015

I received a massage therapy session today with Ranjot and I left feeling inspired by the session. I have been a massage therapist for 5 years and tried a lot of massage therapists. Ranjot is truly exceptional and highly trained in many modalities (everything from deep tissue to hypnotherapy), and I can feel it when he's working on me. I said I needed deep tissue work throughout my upper back and hips. The session was exactly what I needed. I can tell that Ranjot cares deeply about healing, and takes his profession seriously. His intentions and boundaries are clear, and he told me he's been doing bodywork for 10 years. With his level of experience and range of techniques and modalities he is a rare gem. Highly recommended and I'll definitely get another session with him soon.


Kathleen G.- 12/13/2015

Ranjot is consistently AMAZING.  Every time!


Angel O.- 7/14/2015

Let me start by saying as a Chiropractor I have received a lot of body work in my life. Ranjot by far is the most intuitive massage therapist I have visited. I went to visit him while training for a marathon,  he was an integral part of my wellness team which helped me to reach my PR in the run. If you are looking for a outstanding massage you have found your place!


Lisa M.- 6/22/2015


"Ronjit did a fabulous job , he not only found every sore muscle that I had hiding , he helped me discover how the emmotional "holding" on of life's negativity can affect my body. Probably , the BEST ever body work I've had in the last 20 yrs. ! "


Sid Sattler- 5/03/2015

Great Massage

"Just what the Dr. ordered! After a small bit of trouble finding the office, I was met by Ranjot on his way in and all was so good from then on. A great mix of strong (deep tissue style) work and focused energy balancing work. Left me feeling like I had myself back. Thank you."


Lori T.- 5/01/2015

SOOO good

"Was at ease and felt ready to be taken care of as soon as arriving. Technique and approach all very sensitive to my needs. Obviously skilled and experienced. Very grateful!!"


Kristan Cassady- 4/26/2015


"Ranjot has an amazing gift. I was immediately relaxed. He really listened to me and massaged according to our conversation in all the right ways and all the right places. He also used some deep tissue techniques that I had never had before...and now I will be always requesting! Thanks Ranjot!"


Dana Rosenberg- 3/8/2015


"I have never had a healing massage. Ranjot gifted me an amazing, game changing experience. A day later I am still in deep contemplation, feeling happier and lighter because of it. I highly recommend this experience. "


Veronica S.- 2/10/2015

I have been in the Bay area for three years and been looking for a good massage therapist all the time. Thanks you a friend that recommended Ranjot to me I finally found him! He fixed my contractured upper back muscles (that were hurting for weeks) in just one session! I definitely recommend him.


Jacinta B- 12/19/14


"Ranjot is a true master of his "craft" and has continually impressed me with his extraordinary gift as a healing body-worker. I would recommend him to any and every one! Give yourself the gift of experiencing his'll be SO happy you did!"


J.B.- 12/18/2014

Ranjoy Skywalker's Essential Body Balance is exactly that! His work embraces a holistic view of your body and spirit...and he's nothing short of amazing! I save my pennies in order to experience this marvel at work.
After my massage today I felt completely refreshed and his words of wisdom left their mark. Ranjot Skywalker is a gift to all of us...I urge any and every one to allow themselves and their loved-ones the gift of his healing hands!!


Lyla Messgenger- 10/18/2014

"Fantastic! I've had many massages from all over the world and I loved Ranjots technique, touch and care. He had unique ways of releasing muscle tension and even stimulating tissue to reawaken. I highly recommend him!"


H.S. -10/13/2014

"Very helpful- basically fixed me.    Ranjot listened to what I had to say about how my body was feeling and why I was there, and we talked a little before and during the massage. I felt super comfortable and he knew exactly where the pain I was describing was and described it back to me more accurately than I'd been able to. Since my massage yesterday I feel perfect. The back pain is gone. Thank you."


K.C. -9/18/2014

"Excellent experience.   Ranjot has wonderful energy and is very skilled at massage and bodywork. Thank you for working out the stress!"


Gloria -9/12/2014

"Best massage/energy bodywork.   I've had bodywork at different places but so far Ranjot is the best! Felt relaxed and a sense of peace after my session of massage and energy work."


Mary P. -7/7/2014

"FANTASTIC!!! BEST EVER!!    Ranjot ALWAYS gives a great massage. I've been going to him for about 5 years, back when he was on Laurel. He knows what he is doing and his hands find the knots and sore spots. I highly recommend getting a massage from him. You will not be disappointed. He's the best!"


James -11/10/2013

"Great Healing Touch   Ranjot is an excellent massage therapist! His massages are both therapeutic and relaxing. He is sensitive and thoughtful in his touch. I've seen him for years and I can not say enough great things about him."



"Ranjot's hands are amazing!   I have been in the Bay area for three years and been looking for a good massage therapist all the time. Thanks you a friend that recommended Ranjot to me I finally found him! He fixed my contractured upper back muscles (that were hurting for weeks) in just one session! I definitely recommend him."


Layren Cohn-Frankel -7/29/2013

"Ranjot/Essentia Balance Bodywork is amazing-   Ranjot has spoiled me for most other massage therapists. He is incredibly intuitive and does great work with my complicated pain issues and sensitive topography. He is skilled in energy work and has done a great job many times of clearing built up, stuck energy through my body and helping me let go of emotional blocks."


Lauren H. -7/13/2013

"Amazing! - I've been going to Ranjot for years and he gives by far the best massage. He's continually learning new things and adding to his practice."


Lucia August - 3/2/2013

"Great Body and Energy Worker-   I've had a few massages from Ronjot that have been wonderfully healing. He's a very intuitive and sensitive healer with strong hands. What a great combination!"


Lauren H. - 12/14/2012

"I have been seeing Ranjot for massage for over 5 years now- from his humble beginnings at his house, to OAP, through the present.  He is incredibly gifted, and always makes me feel better.  I  really appreciate all the hard work hes put in gathering new credentials over the years,  it makes for an amazing experience.  He is my one and only masseuse!"


Cathy F. - 12/9/2012

"I don't know why it has taken me so long to yelp about Ranjot, so here it goes.  I've been seeing him regularly, weekly, bi-weekly as needed for almost four years. I started seeing him at OAP and have followed him where ever he's moved since.  When I first started going to Ranjot, my shoulder was frozen to my side, my neck couldn't turn to the left, and needless to say I had some other stuff locked up inside.  Ranjot is a skilled therapist who quickly unlocked my stiff joints, releaved my body of toxins - got the lymphatic system up and running, and there is just no other CMT that I have been to that is so skilled, knowledgeable, and yet down to earth, as Ranjot. He has a way of "reading" and "listening" to his clients and knowing just what each person needs. It's truly a gift that he's cultivated with his years of experience and training.  You can go to anywhere to get a massage, you can even get a good hand and foot rub at the local nail shop, but what you get from Ranjot is more than that...You will get the best body and soul work that will leave lasting effects and that to me is well worth the money.
P.S. I talked my husband into going after I'd been going for two years, and he was hooked after the first session. He has been going regularly every since. 

Come on yelpers, check out Ranjot for some great body and soul work, and spread the won't be sorry."


Lauren H. -11/30/2012

"Renewal-   I have been going to Ranjot for massage for almost 6 years now. I am always left feeling relaxed and refreshed. I've had a number of little injuries over the years and his expertise in working my muscles has always helped make my healing process that much easier. I am grateful for his hard work and continued education of integrating different modalities"


Michelle L. - 11/25/12

"I have been going to Ranjot since I discovered him at Oakland Acupuncture. I have lived all over the Bay Area and been to a lot of massage therapists and if I could afford to go see Ranjot once a week it would be a no brainer... He is constantly upping his game, learning new techniques, new ways to help people heal. His enthusiasm and passion for his work are sincere, and it shows. I am grateful that he has moved back to the east bay from San Jose, and have had two sessions, one for massage and one for energy work. the energy work is very subtle and powerful, i recommend trying it if you havent already."


Lauren C. - 4/14/2012

"1.5 months ago I got my heart broken AND my dog had to be put to sleep, all within a few weeks of each other.  I also had to move my entire house (plus my business) in the same time period.  For most of March I'd been sleeping 14 hours a day, eating dessert with both my 8PM breakfast and my 4AM dinner, and listening to "Total Eclipse of the Heart" unironically.  This was the space I was in when I saw Ranjot (aka Corey) last week.

I've had bodywork done by him before, as well as a number of other CMTs (a former partner of mine went through CMT training and I got to be his practice dummy) so I like to think I know my massage therapists.  I told Ranjot when we met last week that I was feeling heavily weighed down by all the bad stuff in my life, that it felt trapped inside my body, particularly around the neck and shoulder area.  He asked me if it was ok to do some energy work on me, in addition to the physical body work.  
Incidentally, he is the only CMT I've ever worked with who I felt spent enough time on the neck/shoulder area: even when asked, most others would just give it a cursory 10 mins or so, even though it's the center of most of my tension.  Ranjot gets all the way in there and works that shit out until it's gone.

I knew that he would give that area the focus it needed from the 3-4 times I'd seen him before this, and give me an all around great bodywork session.  What I didn't know is he is also some kind of energy work wizard.  I'm not a super woo-woo person, but I've had energy work done on me before and I can feel that it works.  But never like this.  

I don't know what he did exactly, but I could feel the bad, trapped stuff draining out of me as he was working, and when he was done, I literally felt like a 50lb weight had been removed from my body.  I still feel lighter, more than a week later, than I did before I saw him.  It's not that I'm not feeling the crappy stuff I'm going through, cuz I's just not weighing me down the way it was before.  Neither therapy, nor yoga, nor talking with friends, nor sex has been able to make me feel this consistently ok for this long since this shit all went down.  I feel like I got some kind of emotional enema.  It's kind of amazing.  And I know if it starts building up again, I can just go back.  

In addition to being some kind of wizard/genius, Ranjot makes you feel totally comfortable, no matter what your body type or gender.  Trans people, fat people, queer people, all can feel comfortable on his table and benefit from his compassionate, skilled, ultra strong hands.  And his sliding scale prices mean I can afford sessions when I really need them, which is usually not when I'm flush with cash.

I recommend 2 hours at a time.  If he would do a 3 hour session, I'd pay for it.  

I'm sure there are lots of talented CMTs in the bay area but the combination of his work, his energy, his personality, and his pricing makes Ranjot my first choice every time."


Andrea D. - 4/5/2011

"I met Ranjot (AKA Corey) a few years ago doing some continuing education work at Esalen Institute. As a massage therapist myself I have very high expectations for bodywork, and having received work from him I can tell you he is by far the best I have encountered. His knowledge and intuition blend seamlessly with excellent technique, pressure and stretching to make up a complete healing experience. I would highly recommend his services to anyone looking for a great therapist."


Claude C. - 4/17/2010

"My latest bodywork session with Corey warrants a here it goes. 

Location: Corey's practice is in Oakland's Laurel District. A pretty quiet area - partly residential, partly commercial. I think I've seen a pediatrics clinic in one corner, a natural food store nearby, and a couple of small cafes down the block. All in all, it's a good location to relax and to set your body ready for therapy. 

Work: Within the past few months, I've been having a lot of pressure and tension on my shoulders and back which have generally been stress-related. I needed to help my body to heal and relax and Corey is certainly helping me to address this. I'm no authority when it comes to massage therapy, but Corey's ability to harmonize a specific technique and motion to a person's body, body type, and body state is spot on. He knows how to respond to the (client's) body's breathing and knows exactly when to chime in with it. 

All this goes in saying that (well, at least in my view),  this is what makes Corey an excellent practitioner. He doesn't require me to tell him precisely what my body feels so that I may give him instructions on how to treat it. And frankly, sometimes I just don't know how my body feels. I'm not saying that he doesn't ask questions...he does. But he does know how to work in the moment and respond to the body as it heals itself, organically. Lastly, he knows some things about energy and yoga philosophy...pretty interesting stuff.

Price: Reasonable"


Michelle W. - 2/5/2010

"Corey really helped me when I threw my back out. He made a huge difference in my pain level, and got me standing upright after I hadn't for a couple of days. He definitely gave me the most pleasurable and most effective massage of my life, and I had a lot of therapeutic massage while training (injuring myself) for the Chicago marathon. 

He's a gentle-seeming, kind fellow with surprisingly strong hands. I recommend him highly!"


Trish C. - 9/3/2009

  1. "Corey is one of the most intuitive massage therapists I have met. He saw me with very little notice and helped me a ton with some pretty debilitating pain that I have been having in my shoulder and neck. He just sort of knows exactly where you need the most help and concentrates on those areas without over-working you.  I have been looking for a regular massage therapist in the Bay Area and I think that my search has ended. I cannot recommend Corey highly enough."


Apaulo H. - 5/21/2009

"I have never been able to afford bodywork and now I can!  I hope all who look upon this yelp page will be inspired to get the best massage EVER!  Call him up, he's super friendly too!!!"


PaMela W. - 2/28/2009

"YES!  A massage therapist who listens, gives good 'doable' advice/input, and is willing to work with your budget...WHAT'S NOT TO LIKE? After filling out a thorough intake sheet, Corey takes the time to go over the sheet with you, not just give a cursory glance and just focus on whatever sounds like will be enough to make you come back again.  Having danced professionally for a number of years, and getting massage done for more years than that ,(approx. 15 years) in different cities in which I've lived, I believe Corey to be in my 'top 10' of therapists.  Mr. Knott has the perfect name because he removes knots and uses music, aromatherapy, and oils that facilitate relaxation and healing."


I.W. - 2/24/2009

"A friend introduced me to my first massage when our job offered free chair massages, and Corey was the therapist. I found all the preconceived notions I had about massages were thrown out the window. Usually a person that doesn't liked to be touched, I found that Corey made me feel at ease, and I felt better mentally, spiritually, and physically after the massage. I have gone to Corey personally ever since to ease my neck & shoulder issues. As a single working mother, I think that Corey and his magic fingers are essential to helping me when I find the time to do something for myself in the whole work-life balance struggle. I would recommend him to any 1st timers, as Corey is excellent at explaining what he is doing and helping you truly gain the maximum benefit from the experience."


Jenny K. - 2/10/2009

"I have tried lots of massage therapists and never felt that they did much for me.  All that changed when I found Corey!  Even after 15 minutes I feel like he has put my body back into proper healthy alignment.  I now see him once a week for 15 to 30 minute sessions.  It is so great that he is willing to offer such affordable service!  I'm sure he could charge double and still have people flocking to him!  It is an extra bonus that you can schedule an acupuncture session before or after your massage.  I used to go around with a stiff neck all the time - now I feel great thanks to Corey!"


Andres A. - 9/14/2008

"After visiting Corey, the most important thing I can say is this:  it's the only massage that has ever afforded me serious pain-relief for my arms and back.  Highly recommended."


Dietlind V. - 7/7/2008

"I got to know Corey Knott when he was hired as a bodyworker at my gym.  Simply put, Corey is the best massage therapist I have ever worked with--and that's saying a lot.  I grew up with a physical therapist and was always getting adjustments from her massage therapist employees and friends.  It got me hooked early on.  I've had massages everywhere from Esalen to Kabuki Springs and Spa.  My ex-girlfriend is also an amazing massage therapist and I thought she was the best one I'd been to until I started seeing Corey.  

Corey was professional and easy to talk to right from the start.  I bought a package of ten sessions as a gift for myself and over the course of a few months I got to know Corey better.  

The best part about Corey isn't how deep he can go--because he can be as intense as a good rolfing session if that's what you're looking for--it's how he finishes each stroke or action.  It's a kind of presence that is hard to describe, but I can say I truly felt the sincerity and intention behind each part of my massage and that he was never hurried or tuned out.  I've had a back injury for three years and my sessions with Corey provided substantial relief, as well as much needed tuning into my body.  

The real test though was having him come to my home to give my partner a massage.  She had only had one massage before and gotten sick afterward with flu-like symptoms.  That was three years ago and I couldn't persuade her to get another one until now.  The first thing she said after she got off the table was: "That was awesome!"  She had a huge smile on her face.  Corey had taken the time to educate her about her body mechanics and worked on the impact that twenty years of bike messengering had taken on her arms and legs.  

We are going to have Corey out monthly for massages.  I can't recommend him high enough!"


Robert B. - 10/25/2007

"I have worked with Corey in the past while he was the staff massage therapist. at Body Feng Shui in Belmont. He is very good at finding the tight spots, and his deep tissue techniques leave a lasting impression! Strong, but not painful, he feels the tension, and addresses the whole area.

Whatever he is doing works, the stiffness melts away leaving me more flexible and relaxed.

Corey, thanks so much for your excellent work! It is obvious that you have passion for healing. I wish you the best of luck in your new location. I am sure every new client will recommend you!"


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